Dance Your Heart Out®

Creative dance programs designed to teach math, science, and language arts.

Who we Are, What we do, and Why We Do it


Bringing Creative Dance to Schools

DANCE YOUR HEART OUT® makes boring school subjects exciting through creative dance residencies and workshops.  We teach science, math (yes, math!), language arts, and history--all through creative dance.

Founder Nicole McCall has been teaching for 20 years.  She is known for her energetic and uplifting style.  Miss Nicole is a member of the Dance Masters of America, Right Brain Initiative, and Young Audiences of Portland.  You can read more about Nicole here.


Why have dance in the classroom?

Traditional learning environments are hard for kinesthetic learners.   As a creative dance teaching artist, Miss Nicole enhances what teachers are already doing.  Working together with classroom teachers, Nicole designs residencies to meet the highest state standards in education.  


"How do you DO that?"

We hear that a lot.  The truth is, that after 20 years of teaching, Nicole can adapt almost any topic into a creative dance residency.  It's a dynamic.  It's engaging.  It's turning STEM to STEAM.  Our residencies have a track record of increasing student comprehension and they regularly achieve over 95% participation.

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